The History of McFarland Farm

McFarland Farm was originally an extremely successful business alliance with large holdings of land, resplendent with crop plantings and roaming herds of dairy cows and beef cattle, reaching back to the early days of our ever-expanding Sequim Valley. Owned and operated by two pillars of the community: Lester McFarland, a naturally born hard working farmer, and his wife Anna Belle, an intelligent, dedicated and driven descendent of John Bell; the second settler in the Sequim area and first to build a homestead during the 1860’s, on what was then known as the Sequim prairie.

In late 1969, after many rewarding years of farming, with age having taken its toll, Lester and Anna Belle decided to retire and convert their 280 acres of land into a secluded residential development called the Lester McFarland Farm. Its first set of rudimentary covenants were dedicated in July of 1970, with the same focus then as today, on the establishment of a quiet, rural, single family character for their developing neighborhood.

The configuration of the development would be years in the making, with major ongoing concerns of how roads would flow thru the area, with Clallam County seeking access from the Happy Valley area to River Road, and other developers seeking to cut through our neighborhood for access to their new developments.

The good news is, our property owners and governing members have always risen to the challenge. Managing to negotiate and receive County maintained roads for most of our development, while successfully staving off intruding developers to help maintain the peace and quiet of our still growing community.

As we look forward to the 50th anniversary of our McFarland Farm Property Owners Association, we invite you to Join us in a walk through of our now well-established, 69-lot community. Wherein, you’ll find a uniquely diverse blend of property owners and accompanying architectural styles. Still dedicated to keeping the rural, single family character of our area intact, with a neighborhood stock full of impressive flower and vegetable gardens, grazing deer, contained dogs, chickens, horses, alpacas, and other small animals. And of course, our famous, roaming herd of Roosevelt Elk that still visits on a fairly regular basis. All enjoying the beautiful bounty of a place we firmly believe is, “A truly nice place to live.”