Libby Hartman, Officer, President and IT/Webmaster – 2nd Term - Libby became a board member shortly after moving to Sequim from Seattle in 2018. Libby’s career has been in Management Consulting and the Hi Tech industry and she most recently works for Microsoft in the Customer Experience and Service Organization. Libby lives with her wife Jane, a retired therapist and their two dogs, Gunnar and Bodhi who love to ‘welcome’ visitors and passerby's with loud raucous barking. Jane loves to cook and Libby loves to eat so they are a perfect pair. Jane LOVES the quiet of Sequim and McFarland Farm and Libby is working at transforming how she spend her down time from ‘city shopping’ to ‘country landscaping’. when she is not playing Pickleball. She now feels very competent on her lawn mower and is considering buying some overalls. We believe in kindness, community and connection with our neighbors. We hope to have plans to host the MF community on our deck sometime when the weather and COVID take a turn for the better.

Denny White, Officer, Managing Secretary – 4th Term - Denny and his wife Jenny moved to McFarland Farms from Far Hills, NJ in 2014.  Looking for a place to retire, we found Sequim on the internet – praise God for technology!  We love the outdoors, especially gardening and fishing. Year round, cooking is also a passion. Jenny is a Zumba Dance teacher at the YMCA.  Being surrounded by mountains and water is wonderful.  I feel a strong connection to “place,” and view my work on the Board as partially fulfilling that.  The future always brings changes and we need to consciously adapt to them.  The challenge is preserving the best of the past and bringing forth wonderful new things to our neighborhood.

Jim Johnstone, Officer, interim Treasurer - 1st Term - My wife Jeanette and our adult son Michael and I moved to Sequim in 2018. I have lived in the Puget Sound region all of my life. Jeanette grew up in Forks and lived there until she went into the Navy. I spent several years as a computer operator for Boeing before I landed my dream job as the Ranger for the Boy Scout property north of Monroe. When I left there, I went to work for the company that my dad worked for, as a relief driver. I retired 28 years later as the operations manager, the number 2 person in the company. I was a registered Scouter for over fifty years. I served in many leadership positions over the years.

Christine Elam - Member at large, 1st Term (this round) - Christine discovered Sequim through her parents who started visiting in the early 1980’s.  Her parents moved to Sequim in the early 90’s and she would visit the area. She purchased her McFarland Farms property in 2007 after her parents and her sister viewed it for her.  She and her husband, Matt, love the beauty and charm Sequim offers. Matt particularly enjoys cycling and running. Christine never tires of seeing the wildlife though she prefers not witnessing the circle of life which is known to occur on the back of our property by the pond. Christine has previously served on the Board.

Ken Phillips, Member at large, – 4th Term - My wife Kris and I moved to Sequim in 2005 from Auburn Ca. I worked for the LA and Placer County Sheriff’s Departments.

Don Hatler - Member at large, 1st Term (this time around) - Donald was born and  raised in the shadow of the Ozark Mountains, after College and the US Navy he settled in Silicon Valley first in high tech then in aquatic marketing. After retiring he left CA in pursuit of happiness which took him by chance to Sequim. Donald arrived in Sequim early in 1996 and 5 years later married Clare Manis and moved to Happy Valley and the Manis Mastodon site. Clare informed him that she had the oldest bones in Clallam county. They raised donkeys for many years but creeping old age caught up with them and the last of their herd went to greener pastures last year. Don is an avid fisherman and amateur woodworker. He also does chemical research in his basement. Clare is active in many leftwing, socialist groups in the area particularly the Dungeness River Audubon Center. Don has been a Clallum County Conservation District Supervisor, Puget Sound Anglers Board member as well as a member of the Dungeness River Management team. He was also on the McFarland farm board previously.

Karen Griffiths - Member at large, 1st term - In 2016 I  moved from Sequim’s Olson Road to McFarland Farms with my elderly mother (who suffered from Alzheimer's and passed in 2018) and young nephew, a very vocal and active 3-year-old, along with horses and dogs. You may have seen us tootling through the streets in our golf cart.  Last June my nephew, now 9, went to live with his grandmother (my sister) in Southern California where he’s learning to surf.  So now it’s just me running my two husky mixes around the neighborhood next to the golf cart. Prior job experiences include secretarial, clearing trails and cleaning outhouses for the Uinta National Forest in Utah, school bus driver, 16 years as a licensed Wallpaper hanging and painting contractor in Southern California and then special sections editor, writer and photographer for The Peninsula Daily News.  Working for the newspaper  was one of my great joys, nonetheless, continually writing to make deadlines became too stressful for my body and I had to quit after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. One of my greatest accomplishments while there was to convince my boss John Brewer (now retired) to let me write a column about horses, horse people and local horse events.  I’m proud to say I’m now in my 20th  year of writing  my bi-monthly column, “Peninsula Horseplay.” Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, degenerative, often episodic, disease of the central nervous system.  In short, it’s the body’s immune system attacking its own central nervous system, crazy right? Thankfully, for most of us there are disease modifying drugs that work to slow the progression. I’m on one called Copaxone.  I’ll let you do your own research on MS symptoms. Suffice to say some symptoms can wax and wane, which is why you may sometimes see me walk with a pronounced limp, or occasionally even a walker, and sometimes you won’t. Living here on the Farm is, well, it’s a beautiful place in the neighborhood. Oh, I also own a few pairs of well-worn overalls, while board member Libby Hartman is still a wannabe.

Corey Boss - Member at large, 1st term - In 2018 my wife Shannan and I moved here from Southern California seeking cooler weather and more elbow room.  The first day we arrived to our new home we bought a shower curtain, the second day we bought a riding lawnmower.  I was a General Contractor and now retired and Shannan was a college administrator.  We have two dogs, a cat, and five chickens.  When not working around the property I like to golf, hike and do ceramic work.  We’ve enjoyed the past four years living the good life in McFarland Farms and continue looking forward to exploring the area and getting to know more people. 

Vanessa Gunther - Member at large, 1st term