Board of Honor

Honoring these Property owners who’ve graciously volunteered their valuable time and efforts to serve on the Association’s Board of Directors. We Sincerely Thank You for Your Dedicated Service.

Judy Adams
Ron Adams
Toni Ballard
Bob Bowman
Barbara Bullock
Bill Bullock
Dave Brasher
Henry Buss
Marion Caldwell
Don Caldwell
Josephine Clifford
John Clifford
Terry Coe
Bill Darby
Verne Davis
Christine Elam
Andy Finnigan
Ron Gwaldis
Sandra Haley
Geoffry Harbord
Clare Manis-Hatler
Donald Hatler
Deanna Janssen
Harry Johnson
Sandy Knight
Ann Lembcke
Emanual Manis
Bernice Millar
Noreen O’Neill
Michael Paty
Forrest Pearson
Larry Perry
Rosalind Philbrick
Jim Philbrick
Ken Phillips
Judy Richie
Sidney Rohlman
Charles Schmidt
Jeanne Smith
Konrad Sutterlin
Mary Webber
Dennis White
Marvin Winans
Connie Wolfenden
Salvatore Zambito
Don Zane