Residents of McFarland Farm -

Please read the below information re: a potential mining/quarry operation on Happy Valley Road and the impact we may have here in McFarland Farm if approved.

Because this is an issue that impacts all residents along Happy Valley Road, the McFarland Farm Board urges all residents to contact Donella Clark or Bruce Emery, the newly elected Director of Community Development at Bruce.emery@clallamcountywa.gov as soon as possible to register their concerns with this project.  

Residents must respond by AUGUST 8th to report concern. All comments should be sent to the Principal Planner, Donella Clark at (360) 417-2594 or emailed to her attention at donella.clark@clallamcountywa.gov. Note there is also a public meeting everyone who can, should attend. The meeting is Thursday, September 7, 2023, at 2:00pm in the Board Room at the County Courthouse in Port Angeles.

 Recently, Clallam County issued a conditional use permit for a mining/quarry operation on Happy Valley Road – approximately 1.5 miles from Highway 101. They plan on:

  • blasting twice monthly and crushing the stone twice weekly.
  • All of this would result in up to 70 heavy trucks traveling along Happy Valley Road daily
  • The applicant anticipates operations will run from 7:00am until 5:00pm, Monday through Friday and on weekends as needed.
  • Aside from this type of operation not being compatible with a residential area – additional issues may arise including possible salt incursion into the common aquifer from which we all draw our well water, destabilization of foundations due to the concussive blasts, and potential damage to windows or other structures.
  • The constant traffic of large, heavy trucks on Happy Valley would pose a danger to walkers, horseback riders, and cyclists as there are only two lanes. The road was not intended to handle the weight of the vehicles which would cause the asphalt to buckle or chip making it more likely for damage to occur to private vehicles.
  • The incursion of heavy industry would negatively impact the rural character of our community and sharply decrease the value of our properties.

Currently, the county is seeking public comment – but has limited the time when they will receive it. All comments must be received before Saturday, August 8, 2023. All comments should be sent to the Principal Planner, Donella Clark at (360) 417-2594 or emailed to her attention at donella.clark@clallamcountywa.gov.

 Additionally, a public hearing will take place on Thursday, September 7, 2023, at 2:00pm in the Board Room at the County Courthouse in Port Angeles. It is there the Hearing Examiner will make a final decision on the permit request. Please do what you can to attend this meeting to show your objection to this proposal.  


Synopsis of MFPOA Board Meeting

June 5, 2023

 This evening all members of the MFPOA board met to review the financial status of the POA. The transfer of funds into long term accounts has returned between $32 and $36 monthly per account. Long term financial reserves are $23,272.51 and short-term account has $4,868.95 – for total cash available of $28,029.46. Permanent dates for the McFarland Farm Picnic and Annual meeting were set at the third Saturday of August and January respectively. The possibility for holding an annual Yard Sale was discussed and residents of McFarland Farm will be asked to indicate if they are interested in having the board coordinate and advertise the event which would be held on the third Saturday of July. Light pollution can be an issue in rural communities as the light travels across vast distances and can disrupt neighbors. Covenant 5.12 states exterior lights cannot be posted in excess of 10 feet from the ground. Additional articles on the effects of light pollution will be posted on the community website. Action on covenant violations is pending the outcome of an appeal with the court and are being monitored by an attorney and future action will be discussed at the next board meeting in August 2023. The McFarland Farm Annual Picnic is fast approaching and will be held on the third Saturday of August (8.19.2023) from 2:00-5:00pm. Volunteers are needed to help set up and take down tables and chairs, and residents are requested to bring a side dish. Bratwurst, burgers, vegetarian options, and water will be provided. Further information will be posted online and sent to residents as the date approaches.


Annual Meeting on February 4, 2023, at the Sequim Masonic Lodge

Hi all - we had 25 members of our community at the Annual Members meeting. Below is the information that we reviewed and had discussions about. While the group was small, the contribution by all was thoughtful, wise and in the interest of the full community. 

  • Addition of new board members: Vanessa Gunther and Christine Charters 
  • Retirement of board members: Jim Johnstone, Don Hatler, and Christine Elam with thanks for their years of service to the community 
  • Five covenant violations in 2022: Past due annual fees, animal noise, trash burning were all dealt with successfully by board action. One covenant violation was successfully challenged to Superior Court and an appeal is pending.  
  • Three new covenants were approved by voting members of MFPOA. 
  • No temporary property rentals 
  • No new storage containers 
  • Increase in annual dues from $50 to $75. 
  • Board began reporting on local crime and wildlife issues.  
  • Annual meeting held in January, picnic in August, and community yard sale in September.  

Results of community survey was reviewed by Libby Hartman (president) 

  • Determined residents most inclined to want to know immediate neighbors. 
  • Residents preferred communication via email and that communication be limited to pragmatic issues such as crime or wildlife issues. 
  • MAP your neighborhood for disaster preparedness reviewed by Libby and Jeanine 
  • Limited interest in program according to survey but during meeting determined a need to distribute information about hand pumps for wells in case of disaster. 
  • Reminder of opportunity to serve on board or assist with community activities.  
  • Community vote supported the three covenants proposed by the board in 2022.
  • Overall McFarland Farm property owners feel the board is doing a good job and would prefer communication be in a timely manner and report on issues such as crime and wildlife issues.  

Financial information reviewed by Christine Charters (treasurer) 

  • 69 lots in McFarland Farm of which all but 7 have paid annual dues. 
  • Projected income from annual dues for 2023 is $5,120. 
  • Expenditures incurred in 2022 included government fees for incorporation and covenant recording, office supplies used by board, funds earmarked for annual picnic and meeting, legal fees.  
  • Most expenditures were earmarked for legal fees related to covenant violations with funds for community activities coming in second. 
  • Estimated 2023 income is $7,238 with expenditures at $12,622. 
  • The shortfall will be partially offset by the recent movement of surplus funds into higher yield CDs 
  • Additional income may come from recouping legal fees expended on litigation with resident who has lost his challenge in court. 
  • New Issues reviewed by Karen Griffiths (member at large)  
  • Interest in the creation of a new McFarland sign on West McFarland Drive and a second sign designating McFarland Farm on East McFarland Drive was received with enthusiasm – but in light of projected expenditures for 2023 – the issue to pursue new signage was postponed until 2024. 
  • Request for owners to be mindful of foliage that might create blind spots for drivers or to consider convex mirrors.
  • Reminder for drivers and visitors to maintain speed of 25mph, take in trash cans on trash day to avoid wildlife foraging or becoming a hazard to drivers, and that dog walkers should remove dog waste by pushing it into the drainage ditch or removing it entirely. 
  • Suggestion for the installation of dog waste stations was suggested by resident and will be taken up during next board meeting. 
  • Raffle for $50 gift cards to Kokopelli Grill and Oak Table and two hand-made ceramic bowls created by Corey Boss was won by residents Jeanine, Larry, Kelly, and Terry respectively. 
  • Questions and Answers resulted in no additional issues from residents – but positively recognized board actions on new activities such as website and email communications regarding community issues.

Summary of MFPOA Board meeting held on 1/5/23:

On January 5, 2023, the McFarland Farm Property Owners Board met to plan the annual meeting scheduled for February 4, 2023. The agenda for the meeting will include a review of the past year’s events, report out on resident survey, voting outcomes of covenant changes, and a financial overview of the POA and other topics. Refreshments will be provided (coffee, tea, and pastry items) and a raffle will be held for those in attendance. Additional actionable items discussed during the meeting included ensuring a timely posting of a summary of board meetings on the McFarland Farm website and whether moving money from long term accounts could result in a greater yield for the POA. Possible future covenant revision regarding easements is being considered to ensure clarity. In response to the recent survey about communication within the McFarland Farm community – the board will post a summary of board meetings and pertinent information that impacts residents such as crime, wildlife sightings, or community gatherings in a timely manner on the website.


2022 Board Activities Summary

1. Board Membership:

  • Added Don Hatler, Vanessa Gunter, Christine Charters
  • Retired Jim Johnstone


2. Three property sales: 224 Barbara, 103 Lester Way, 154 Yellow Brick Road


3. Welcomed five new residents: John & Mary Bulinda, Vanessa Gunther, Christine Charters


4. Addressed Five Covenant Violations:


  • Won Superior Court trial on May 9th
  • Lien filed for past dues
  • Resolved for animal noise
  • Resolved for trash burning causing rank smell
  • Resolved for objectional use of property and unsightly exterior appearance


5. Owners voted in favor of three new covenants:


  • No temporary property rentals (e.g. airBnB’s)
  • No shipping containers
  • Dues increase to $75 per lot


6. Began reporting local crime and wild animal events


7. Held annual meeting in January, annual picnic in August and yard sale in September


8. Revised Bylaws covering:

  • Welcoming new residents
  • Recruiting new Board members
  • Covenant violation enforcement


9. Conducted survey of owners regarding Board mission


10. Expended $10,368 (incl $8,040 legal fees) and had an end of year balance of $25,021.